Land Investors, LLC is a private real estate investment company specializing in development and land use planning. We believe that development opportunities should be judged on responsible use and preservation of natural resources in addition to economic potential. We carefully select our sites based on detailed analysis that ensures both of these important objectives are thoroughly understood for each project.


Ray DeMott, President and CEO of Land Investors, LLC, has almost 20 years of experience in real estate acquisitions, development, and management. He has served as the promoter and manager of several pass-through entities providing investment opportunities in real estate and conservation. We believe his background as a developer serves as a competitive advantage among sponsors of multi-option real estate programs where either a development, hold, or conservation strategy is chosen via a majority vote of the program’s investors.

The development option contained within Land Investors’ current offerings specifically calls for the start-up and continued operation of a granite quarry over a 25-year span because we believe this strategy would represent the “highest and best use” of the land associated with each of these offerings. We are fortunate to have a consulting agreement in place with Larry Cook, a quarry owner/operator in the area where our properties are located.

We believe the area is sufficiently well-suited for the quarrying of highly sought after “Georgia Grey” granite. Per the terms of a written agreement with Granite Management and Consulting, LLC, which is jointly owned by Mr. DeMott and Mr. Cook, such entity has been engaged to manage a quarry on each of our properties.

However, since investors in each Land Investors offering could vote to place a conservation easement on the property associated with such offering, it is important to note that Land Investors, LLC and Mr. DeMott have years of experience in the conservation realm as well.